Mario Gómez
Conceptual, Creative, Traveler, and Traditional


My interest in cooking arose early on, influenced by my mother Camino's stews and dishes, which awakened in me a curiosity that led me to study cooking and then gain experience in different prestigious restaurants.

After this training period, I participated in other successful gastronomic projects, but for me it was not enough; in my mind and soul, I was still not satisfying everything I wanted to express, experience, and evolve in my cooking.

In 2019, I made one of the most important and risky decisions of my life: to create my own restaurant, which I called Restaurante Kamín, in honor of my mother Camino, my inspiration.

Everything began to make sense; I created a space with an open kitchen equipped to develop my creations and a large dining room for the enjoyment of diners, integrating in a harmonious and welcoming way.

Now, Restaurante Kamín is a reality, a gastronomic space that I run together with a great team of kitchen and dining room staff where I am committed to seasonal products and seek the best raw materials, always prioritizing local or proximity products.

Kamín is the restaurant I always dreamed of to develop and evolve my cuisine; a cuisine and an experience that is conceptual, creative, traveling, and traditional, in which time is also a fundamental ingredient in my creations.

Welcome to Kamín

Mario Gómez Soria